C01 – Forward and Introduction

The Jubilee Souvenir Book 1888 – 1938.
A Brief History of Granville Baptist Church 1888 – 1987
compiled by Rev. F. Condon, 1987

As church Secretary for the past 32 years, it is my pleasure to write this foreword and declare that this book seeks to express the events of the past 100 years in the Granville Baptist Church.
It is hoped that all who read it will obtain a clear understanding of the witness and testimony of the many who have laboured for the Master.
We are especially thankful to those who have faithfully ministered from the pulpit the truth of the gospel. Many have come to know Jesus Christ as Saviour or been helped on their spiritual journey. Young men and women have entered into full-time service for the King of Kings.
Throughout the years there have been of course the highs and lows as the statistics herein reveal. However, we have valued every person who has shared in our fellowship, praising God for the contributions made to Granville’s ministry.
In recent years students of Morling College have had the oversight of the Church and thus it has been our privilege to share in their training and equipping for pastoral ministry.
We give thanks to God for the faithfulness of those many friends and members of our church who have gone before. This book we dedicate to their memory.
Granville Baptist Church.
11th October, 1988.

Despite what may be regarded in human terms the highs and lows, we give thanks to Almighty God for the many blessings that have been bestowed during the one hundred years of witness and testimony in the Granville area.
It has weathered two world wars, the ravages of the depression and an almost change in community content.
It is appropriate that its history, even if only briefly, should be placed on record.
The story of Granville Baptist Church is a story of men and women reaching beyond themselves to the surrounding community with the Gospel of Jesus Christ. It is not a success story!
Rather, it shows the struggles, successes, failures and frustrations of very ordinary, human people in the process of making real to a community of ordinary, people, the experience of their lives.
It is not epic! It is purely history; the history of God’s action and revelation through His people at Granville.
Brief in its treatment, yet full of the wonder and mystery to God’s working through the people, this history is a monument to God’s grace in action: “.. I will build My church; and the gates of Hades shall not overpower it” (Matt. 16:18).


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