Playgroup Suspended

With regret, we advise that the Granville Community Baptist Church Playgroup meetings have been suspended as of Tuesday 17 March 2020 until further notice.

This is in line with advice from Playgroup NSW as a response to the current COVID-19 crisis in our community.

We apologise for any inconvenience that this may cause.

Please come back to our site for any updates and contact for any further information.

Operation Christmas Child 2019

operation christmas child banner

Last year we sent off 101 boxes and it would be great if we could send at least 100 boxes again this year. Imagine the excitement of the children who will receive these wonderful gifts.
We will be collecting different items at each Sunday Service at 10.00 am.
I have listed below what we would like to collect with dates. Please bring your items to Church and put them in the collection crate. Remember to keep the items small as we are limited by the size of the box. Thank you for your willingness to share in this.

(POSTAGE—G.C.B.C. Direct Deposit to BSB—082330, Acct—509280009)

April—Something to Love

7—small stuffed toy, doll, teddy bear & postage ($10.00 per box)
14—Aussie keyrings, clip koalas, etc & postage ($10.00 per box)
21—small stuffed toy, doll, Aussie item & postage ($10.00 per box)
28—small stuffed toy, doll, Aussie item & postage ($10.00 per box)

May—Something to Play with

5—tennis ball, skipping rope, cars & postage ($10.00 per box)
12—yo-yo, slinky, purse, marbles & postage ($10.00 per box)
19—plastic animals, finger puppets & postage ($10.00 per box)
26—musical instrument, wind-up torch, small frisbee & postage ($10.00 per box)

June—Something for School

2—lead pencils, sharpener, eraser & postage ($10.00 per box)
9—exercise book, note books, pens & postage ($10.00 per box)
16—colouring pencils, textas, chalk & postage ($10.00 per box)
23—pencil case, stickers, textas & postage ($10.00 per box)
30—pencil case, pens, lead pencils & postage ($10.00 per box)

July—Something to Wear

7—boys t-shirt, polo shirt (3—14 yrs) & postage ($10.00 per box)
14—girls t-shirt, polo shirt (3—14 yrs) & postage ($10.00 per box)
21—shorts, skirt, thongs, shoes (3—14 yrs) & postage ($10.00 per box)
28—cap, beanie, thongs, sunglasses (3—14 yrs) & postage ($10.00 per box)

August—Something Special

4—small carry bag, christmas card & postage ($10.00 per box)
11—personal note, photo of you/your family & postage ($10.00 per box)
18—stickers, craft kits & postage ($10.00 per box)
25—card, note, photo & postage ($10.00 per box)

September— Something for Personal Hygiene

1—soap, face washer, toothbrush & postage ($10.00 per box)
8—hairbrush, comb, scrunchies & postage ($10.00 per box)
15—hair-clips, jewellery, etc & postage ($10.00 per box)
22—soap, face washer, toothbrush & postage ($10.00 per box)

October— CATCH-UP and packing

6— Something to Love—small stuffed toy & postage ($10.00 per box)
13— Something to Play With—tennis ball, cars & postage ($10.00 per box)
20— Something for School—textas, notepads & postage ($10.00 per box)
(See notes below about packing)

(POSTAGE—G.C.B.C. Direct Deposit to BSB—082330, Acct—509280009)

October—Packing Nights—Monday nights—21 & 28 October
6.00 pm—Dinner & 7.00 pm—Packing
The boxes need to be ready for delivery/pick up by end of October.
Everyone is invited to come along and share in a fellowship dinner before packing.
Please bring along food that is easy to share and enjoy the fellowship.

CARE Fellowship

C.A.R.E (Christ’s Ambassadors Rescuers Evangelists) Fellowship is run by the Filipino members of our congregation primarily, but not exclusively, for people from the Philippines. They meet on last Saturday of every month and have an active home Bible Study program.

The CARE team actively maintain their Facebook page, visit them at

Jesus Saves

“Jesus Saves” – one of the iconic signs in Granville and surrounding districts.

Visible for many blocks, even until very recently from the train, the Jesus Saves signs have long identified the Granville Baptist Church. They have been a strong, silent witness to the grace, power and ultimate purpose of God for over 80 years.

In the Church’s Centenary Celebration booklet, previous Secretary H C (Harry) Law writes:

At a special Church Meeting on 25th April, 1936, the church had voted in favour of the purchase of a property immediately next door to the church buildings; a two storied building occupied by the Balmain Co-operative for 800.0.0. A loan from the Australian Mutual Provident Society was contracted for the purchase and repair of the building. The building was purchased and repairs completed and the words ‘JESUS SAVES’ painted on the three parapets of the building in large black letters. On Saturday, 20th March, 1937, the building was officially opened and named ‘The Baptist Jubilee Hall’.

Today they still remind us of the Church’s primary message: For God so loved the world that he gave his one and only Son, that whoever believes in him shall not perish but have eternal life. For God did not send his Son into the world to condemn the world, but to save the world through him. (John 3:16-17 NIVUK)



Ongoing Mission Support

We regularly support a number of missionaries through prayer and giving, from organisations including:

 Global Interaction is the international cross-cultural sending agency of Australian Baptist churches and facilitates the service of Australian Baptists in Christ’s global mission. The headquarters are in Melbourne.



SIM calls God’s people to partner with them and venture into the farthest corners of the world so together we can share the Good News about Jesus with the least reached.