27 February 2021

Our Church family has been greatly blessed by being able to meet in fellowship for worship over the past weeks. This is in line with the conditions laid out within our COVID-19 Safety Plan.

We are all still coming to terms with the things that are making Church different in 2021 to what it has been before…

a) All attendance will need to be recorded (we recommend and support the use of the Service NSW app); and

b) We have a clearly defined seating plan, which means that attendees may be asked to sit in a place that they are not used to. We will of course make every effort to ensure that households can remain together; and

c) Until further notice, the other buildings on our property are open – other than the toilets; and

d) ALL attendees need to remain seated during the service and not move around, and kids in particular will need to stay with a parent/carer; and finally

e) Our COVID-19 Safety Plan requires that we minimise any gathering around the property after the Service.

The matter of congregational singing is a complicated one, with the regulations essentially requiring a trade-off between singing and having more people in the services. We all look forward to a resolution to this dilemma very soon.

The leadership team is grateful for the cooperation and support of the overall congregation as we continue to explore different ways of practicing worship in 2021.