27 December 2020

The Church was overjoyed to be able to resume Services on Sunday 20 December and Christmas Day.

Unfortunately however, with the retightening of restrictions in the Greater Sydney area, we have decided to again suspend our Services. At this point the leadership will review the regulatory environment week-by-week and determine whether or not we can safely meet. We are also going to consider alternate strategies for managing Services in accordance with our COVID-19 Safety Plan and remain committed to resuming Services as soon as we believe we can.

3 July 2020

The Church Leadership have met a couple of times recently by video conference to discuss the process and timing for the Church to resume services and fellowship activities.

All of the leadership team deeply desire a return to worship, teaching and fellowship and we are conscious that many of the congregation do so too. We are also however, deeply aware of our moral and legal responsibilities to our congregation and community. As such, we prayerfully believe that the time to resume is not just yet.

There is no one point that has brought us to this decision; rather a combination of a number of factors, including:

  • the limitations of our building size and the current rules around floorspace per person;
  • the requirements for cleaning before and after every use;
  • the need to record contact details for all attendees; and
  • the prohibition on congregational singing.

We are in process of preparing a formal COVID-19 Safety Plan to inform our future directions and the leadership team will continue to meet regularly to work towards resuming Church activities.

Some helpful resources

Here is a short list of resources that you may find helpful while unable to attend Church:


Other Baptist Churches we know:


Channel 72

  • Sunday 7:30 am Leading the Way-Dr Michael Yousef
  • Sunday 8:00 am David Jeremiah

Channel 92

  • Sunday 7:00 am Leading the Way
  • Sunday 7:30 am In Touch Ministries with Charles Stanley


  • Sunday 11:30 am Songs of Praise


HOPE 103.2 FM: 8:00 am (after the news) Christian Growth with Simon Manchester