C07 – Moving Forward


On 2nd February, 1985, Pastor F. C. Condon, a married second year student at the Theological College, commenced as Pastor to the church. In August, 1985, the church participated in Partnership Mission ’85 with Rev. Dr. D. Leslie Hill and Mrs. J. Hill, missionaries with the Foreign Mission Board of the Southern Baptist Convection, U. S. A.

By the end of 1985 a number of people had been added to the church on confession of the faith and baptism. The membership was increased to twenty­ eight. During 1985, a Playtime group for the mothers and their children was commenced using facilities and equipment previously used by the church play­ group. Because of the popularity of the group, it was extended to meet each Tuesday and Thursday mornings.

In March, 1986, the church participated in the Jim Adams’ Crusade with Rev. Dr. S. L. Gilbreath, Mrs. C. Gilbreath and Rev. D. Kilker from the U. S. A as the evangelistic team. This crusade had a great effect on the church and many were keen to be involved in not only the life of the church, but also outside evangelistic work.

Pastor Condon was able to attend the International Conference For Itinerant Evangelists in Amsterdam, The Netherlands. During July, 1986, the church helped sponsor Pastor and Mrs. Condon’s trip to the conference as a training mission.

In November, 1986, Mr. B. Coutts, Mr. R. Osbourne and Mr. P. Roby commenced a youth club for boys, called ‘The Seekers’, with the aim of reaching young boys who need help in the area.

Pastor Condon concluded a fruitful ministry in Granville from January 1988 to accept a call to the Penrith Baptist Church. The membership had grown to thirty-four.

In February, 1988, G. R. Devrell, a married third year Theological student commenced as Pastor of the church. Highlights of the year to date include a successful partnership mission with a group from Texas and U. S. A, the expansion of the Playgroup, growth in attendances of the Sunday School and ‘The Seekers’ group and the commencement of a Young Adults Fellowship. The church has also embarked on a bold step of selling the Manse in Merrylands for $97,000.00 and purchasing a new Manse in 13 Elizabeth Street, Granville for $100,000.00.



Granville Baptist Church continues to testify to the world that God is building His Church and shaping His people. Granville had known the heights of a large prosperous church, the struggles and ravages of two global wars and the depths of crisis in a changing socioeconomic environment.

Consolidation and adaption has been faced with determination and grit. Committed to Jesus Christ as the head, Granville church will continue to reach to its community with the compelling message “JESUS SAVES.”

We value your prayer support and encouragement as we, His family, face the future with hope, enthusiasm and courage. For these are what we learn from the pages of our history its people and pastors, who gladly spent their all in the Master’s service in Granville.


(Matt. 16:18b)


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