Church Constitution

Granville Community Baptist Church

(incorporating Granville & South Granville Baptist Churches)

A Church of many cultures,
One in Christ.

Approved: November 2005
Amended: August 2006
Reprinted: August 2017
v2: August 2023

Prepared by:

Granville & South Granville Baptist Churches combined deacons and elders
Based on a template from the Baptist Union of NSW
Amended and reprinted by GCBC Secretary
Amended by GCBC at the August 2022 Church Meeting


1 Name
2 Doctrinal Position of this Church
3 Government (i.e. decision-making)
4 Objective
5 Membership
6 Church Leadership
7 Church Meetings and Procedures
8 Church Departments
9 Sundry
10 Alterations to Constitution

Download a print-ready (PDF – 133 KB) version of our Constitution