Constitution – Part 2

5 Membership

5A Eligibility for Membership

Members shall be persons who give evidence of a sincere profession of faith in the Lord Jesus Christ who have been baptised as believers and agree to hold to the doctrines set forth in this Constitution under the heading “Doctrinal Position of this Church”.

5B Admission to Membership

Applicants for membership shall apply to the Church Secretary. Applicants shall be visited by two members appointed by the deacon’s meeting or the Church to discuss their testimony to faith in Jesus Christ, membership responsibilities, the Church Constitution and its various ministries. A report shall be presented to the Church following this visitation. Applicants may be admitted to membership upon majority vote at a properly constituted Church meeting.
Where the applicant for membership has been a member of another Baptist Church, letters of transfer shall be sought and shall be taken into account by the Church meeting when determining the application for membership at a properly constituted Church meeting.

5C Responsibilities of Members

(a) To endeavour at all times, by God’s grace, to remain true to their commitment to Christ as expressed in their baptism.
(b) To attend regularly and participate in the worship service(s) and various activities of the Church.
(c) To lead a life worthy of Christ in love, humility and peace, endeavouring to build each other up through encouragement, counsel and comfort.
(d) To study the Scriptures in private and in groups as the Lord gives opportunity.
(e) To express their gratitude to God, and their responsibilities as His stewards by contributing regularly and wholeheartedly to the financial support of the Church and its worldwide ministry.
(f) To seek opportunity to be active in using their gifts in the service of Christ in the Church.
(g) To pray regularly in private and where possible in fellowship for the people and ministry of the Church and the family of Churches.

5D Membership Roll

A Members’ Roll shall be kept by the Church Secretary.

5E Removal from Membership

The deacons and/or elders will prayerfully review the Members Roll at least every year, then, where appropriate recommend the removal of inactive or absent members’ names to a Church meeting.
No member’s name shall be transferred or removed from the Members’ Roll except by their request or the decision of the majority of the members present and voting at a properly constituted Church meeting.

5F Transfer of Membership

Any member may request that a letter of transfer be sent to another Baptist Church he or she wishes to join. The Deacons may process the request reporting their action to the next Church meeting for confirmation.

5G Offences and Disputes

(a) Matters of offence or dispute between members shall not be brought before the Church unless the parties have first complied with the direction of Matt. 18:15—17.
(b) Where a member becomes an offence to the Church by reason of immoral or un Christian conduct, the Church will make every effort, in the spirit of love and meekness, to restore such a member to fellowship (Matt. 18:15—17). Where such efforts fail the Church may terminate or suspend for a specified time, his or her membership. Termination or suspension of membership shall be only on the decision of three quarters majority of members present and voting at a properly constituted Church meeting.
(c) In the event of a dispute arising either between the members, the Pastor(s) and the members, or the Church and the Baptist Union, such dispute may, after every effort has been made to resolve it within the Church or through the services of the Baptist Union be referred for decision to the Panel of Arbitrators elected by the Assembly, if agreed to by all parties of the dispute.