Operation Christmas Child 2018

UPDATE: November 2018

Operation Christmas Child for 2018 has closed, with 100 boxes of exciting and useful gifts provided.

100 boxes = 100 happy and blessed children, families and communities

THANK YOU to all who contributed so much this year.

Last year we sent off 45 boxes and it would be great if we could double this with 90 boxes or even more this year. Imagine the excitement of the children who will receive these wonderful gifts.

We will be collecting different items at each Sunday Service at 10.00 am.

I have listed below what we would like to collect with dates. Please bring your items to Church and put them in the collection crate. Remember to keep the items small as we are limited by the size of the box. Thank you for your willingness to share in this.


April—Something for School May—Something to Play with
1 6 tennis ball, skipping rope, cars
8 Introduction 13 yo-yo, slinky, purse, marbles
15 pencils, sharpener, eraser, exercise book 20 plastic animals, finger puppets
22 colouring pencils, textas, chalk 27 musical instrument, wind-up torch, small frisbee
29 pencil case, pens, note books, stickers
June—Something to Love July—Something to Wear
3 small stuffed toy, doll 1 t-shirt, polo shirt
10 something Aussie 8 t-shirt, polo shirt
17 something Aussie 15 shorts, skirt
24 teddy bear, small blanket 22 shorts, skirt
29 cap, beanie, thongs, sunglasses
August—Something for Personal Hygiene September—Something Special
5 soap, face washer, toothbrush 2 stickers, craft kits
12 soap, face washer, toothbrush 9 small carry bag, Christmas card

SUPPLEMENTARY: pens, lead pencils

19 hairbrush, comb, scrunchies 16 small carry bag, Christmas card

SUPPLEMENTARY: notepads, pencil cases

26 hair-clips, jewellery, etc 23 a personal note, a photo of yourself/your family

SUPPLEMENTARY: soap, toothbrush

30 a personal note, a photo of yourself/your family

SUPPLEMENTARY: comb, hair ties

SUPPLEMENTARY items are those required to complete the complement of boxes

A sample of what goes into a box
A packed box

October$10.00 per box & Packing Nights

The boxes need to be ready for delivery/pick up by end of October.

Monday nights—15 & 22 October

6.00 pm—Dinner  &  7.00 pm—Packing

Everyone is invited to come along and share in a fellowship dinner before packing.

Please bring along food that is easy to share and enjoy the fellowship.