The All-Surpassing Son

Colossians 1:15-20

What’s your View of Jesus?

The Firstborn

  • The identity of the Son
  • The meaning of firstborn
    • sometimes, the one born first
    • but usually, it’s the heir

The Firstborn of Creation

  • The image of the invisible God
    • humans created in the image of God
    • Jesus is the true image of God
  • This is reinforced in what follows
    • He created all things
    • all creation is for Him
  • The implications

The Firstborn of the Dead

  • He deals with human rebellion
  • He is the heir of the new creation
    • He is not just resuscitated
    • He brings in the resurrection (the new creation)
  • The implications

Who is Jesus?

  • It’s important to get this right
    • He’s more than a good moral teacher
    • He’s more than my personal servant
  • It’s important to submit to Him