J03 – The King’s Recorders

During the fifty years of history, the church has not had many in the Secretarial Office. But those who have been in the position have skilfully wielded the pen and have rendered much unobstrusive service, for which the Church is deeply grateful.

Among these we mention:

Mr. W. Marcroft, 1888 to 1901, 13 years.

Mr. G. Patten, 1901 to 1903.

Mr. F. Robinson (now Rev.) three months, 1903.

Mr. Hey, acting, one month, 1903.

Mr. J. W. Marcroft, 1903 to 1916, 13 years.

Mr. Page, September 1916 to 1924, eight years.

Mr. A. Smith, 1924 to January, 1926.

Mr. E. W. Watts, 1926, still in office.

You will notice the lengthy period some of these brethren were in office. The Church is indebted to them for their devoted service.


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